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  • Sunday Morning, 48"x48", oil mixed media, faux encaustic surface

  • Transformation, 30"x40", oil mixed media

  • JPP, 30"x40", oil mixed media

  • Untitled, 18"x18", oil mixed media

  • Untitled, 18"x18" oil mixed media

  • Envy, oil on canvas, 60"x42"

  • Jacumba #5, oil on canvas, 42"x42"

  • Tracks, Kitty Joe's Wash Series, oil on canvas, mixed media, 24"x48"

  • Three Peas in a Pod 2, Abstract Expressionism Series, oil on canvas, diptych, 2@ 36"x48"

  • Three Peas in a Pod, Abstract Expressionism Series, oil on canvas, diptych, 2@ 36"x48"

  • Untitled, acrylic on board, 24"x36", coated w/resin

  • Jacumba #3, oil on canvas, framed, 25.5"x23.5"

  • Jacumba #7, oil on canvas, 19"x42"

Exploring Four Series to Establish a Balance

I've added two more series to Kitty Joe's Wash and Stacked Color: Abstract Expressionism and Jacumba. In total, the four groups are helping me keep my work fresh and fulfilling my desire to expand, yet stay true to my roots.

The abstract expressionism is a combination of gestural strokes and shapes of color coming together to form energy. They help me loosen up when I find myself becoming too structured and controlling. At the same time, Jacumba, is an exercise in managing control. My ultimate goal is to explore a combination of the four styles and find a balance between the styles.       

All of the series capture my emotional reaction and experiences which are processed, reconciled, recorded, and translated into colors and shapes that are woven together or stacked in patterns.

I work in both acrylics and oils, with the bulk of my work considered mixed media because paper weavings, graphite, charcoal, oil pastels, acrylic pens, and/or oil crayon are added, with a faux encaustic or resin surface.

Acrylics are usually on boards, coated with two or more layers of resin. Where appropriate pieces are framed in simple wood frames. Not all new work is shown on the website.

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